Why Card Readings?

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Tarot and Oracle Card readings have been used since the 18th Century as a visual and verbal tool for communicating information from the unseen worlds. They provide understanding for specific situations or questions, and advice on general information. Your reading will show you the future as it could be, as it seems based on your current situation. Connecting and considering the information channeled to you through your reading can help you to choose which path to take in a situation, and help manifest your dreams into reality. My readings will bring you clarity and insights to assist you on your path. When you’re in need of answers, direction, inspiration, and hope.

Personal Oracle Reading

This is a tarot card reading pulled upon receiving the order, specific to you.

Oracle readings are intended to communicate understandings about the past, information about the present, and guidance for the future. I usually use which ever deck or decks I am guided to use. Unless otherwise specified in notes. Each reading is intuitively picked for each and every client.

Important Instructions:

Please note when you leave me a message or e mail to please include your full name, city of residence, and personal email. I will then send you an invoice for your service through Paypal or Square.

*Optional: If desired, specify if you have a particular question you’d like to ask advice on, or if you’d like a certain theme to your reading i.e; love, health, career, etc. If not specified, I will do a general reading for you and your life path, with the theme of past, present and future.

i prefer to do readings over the phone or in person,  i pull your cards, send you a picture of the cards through text message, call you and explain the cards,messages i receive and and answer a few questions you have regarding the messages, reading,  your psychic message and give you  advice from the guides.

Your angels, guides, past loved ones have come to give you these messages, nothing is ever a coincidence. Once you become open to all of the wonderful signs and synchronicity happening in your daily life the magic and blessing begin. Always be ready to receive the blessing coming your way!

Sending peace, love and light always~

Reading Pricing

5 Card – $20.00

10Card – $40.00

15 Card – $50.00

20Card- $60.00