Hello loves, my name is Alexis, as long as i could remember I’ve always been a very intuitive empath, at a young age i was intrigued by the universe, planets, spirituality, the moon and stars, astrology, always asking myself questions of how, what and why we all came to be? I always knew i was different. It wasn’t until i had a  spiritual awakening after losing my father, who lost his battle with cancer. I woke up and experienced phenomenal and many unexplained experiences with the other side. I will blog about some of that at a later time. I also realized the corruption with the pharmaceutical companies after watching my father fight the cancer and for myself after being diagnosed with an auto immune disease. I refused to take the prescription pills that have side effects for days.

That lead me down my path of becoming a holistic practitioner. From there the veil lifted and i learned that i was a light worker and that i was put here to use the gifts I’ve always had to help heal and better the world anyway i could. I feel extremely grateful to have found my calling as a Healer. Being able to do something you love and help others for a occupation is a great feeling. I’m a certified Reiki 2 Tibetan Linage Practitioner that plans to complete my Masters Training soon. I continue to learn more about Holistic Healing and Health. It has turned into my passion. I’m very grateful to be manifesting my dreams and  setting intentions that are now turning into reality. The law of attraction is real!!!

Im a mother, a wife, lover of crystals, making my floral smudge wands, the moon, sunsets and anything thats sparkles and shines. Thank you for visiting  my site. Lets let the healing and magic begin.

Much Gratitude and Love, Alexis